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New Vegas: Characters

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Mary - 28 - 5'3ft - 98 pounds - Caesar's Legion

S = 4
P = 9
E = 4
C = 7
I = 10
A = 10
L = 5

Tag Skills:

Guns = 90
Medicine = 90
Speech = 50
Sneak = 40
Science = 50
Unarmed = 20. (Being trained)

Mary is very petite, and while her slim build isn’t very strong she makes up for it by being very quick on her feet and as sharp as a knife when it comes to picking our flaws in an opponent or coming up with a battle plan. She has long black hair that is straight and falls down just past her elbows, her skin is pale and her eyes the colour of grey, often heavy lidded as if she is sleepy. Her face is somewhat sallow and angular, sharp features one might say with a pout look, she also has a love with make-up so will often be sporting black smoky eyes and a devil red lipstick. Clothing wise she likes fancy dresses, so stands out amongst the legion slaves, and she basks in it and is not above gloating. Mary is indifferent and stand-offish, very intelligent but a tad cocky meaning sometimes her comments can lack tack. Her time with the Legion has sort of imprinted upon her making her quite ruthless and cunning, ignorant to the feelings of others. The irony of it is, is that she was captured and was a slave herself for 2 years until her ability for medical care and science caused her to be promoted to Caesar’s personal physician and messenger. Mary act’s like a diplomatic spokeswomen, spy, doctor, and any other jobs only a woman can do so well, she is deceitful and manipulative and constantly sucks up to the higher members of the Legion. She can actually be very childish at points, but seems to have a soft spot for children.

Korbin - 22 - 5'10ft - 155 pounds - Caesar's Legion

S = 6
P = 7
E = 5
C = 8
I = 6
A = 9
L = 4

Tag Skills:

Melee = 80
Sneak = 80
Unarmed = 50
Lockpick = 50
Explosives = 40

Korbin, or Kori as he is 'affectionately' nicknamed by his comrades, isn't really your stereotypical Legion boy. He is still quite young and impressionable and to be frank a little ditsy and scatter brained. He is often tricked into doing silly things and thought he is actually a little above average intelligence wise and very perceptive he is not so good with peoples intentions, he is too friendly to be in the Legion and probably won't last long. Kori can get very emotional over things and tends to get attached to other members, hassling them for attention and constantly trying to win them over. His sneak abilities and good combat skills have placed him in the Frumentarri under Vulpes's watchful eye, and although Vulpes finds the man a little childish and irritating he is undoubtedly deceivingly good in missions.

Nara - 32 - 6'1ft - 168lbs - Caesar's Legion

S = 8
P = 9
E = 7
C = 3
I = 7
A = 7
L = 4

Tag Skills:

Unarmed = 90
Melee = 90
Repair = 70
Sneak = 50

Nara is stoic and somewhat serious all the time. He has very stern features that make him look a little unsettling and constantly annoyed, his eyes are near constantly narrowed, as if someone has just said something really stupid. He is stall and of a lanky build but is misleadingly strong and agile, personality wise people say he's like a brick wall. Nara never talks much and never does much of anything other than what he's ordered too. He is blunt, tactless and pretty inconsiderate of the way he words things.

Scarlett - 26 - 5'6ft - 120 pounds - Zion

S = 7
P = 8
E = 7
C = 3
I = 7
A = 9
L = 4

Tag Skills:

Unarmed = 100
Survival = 80
Repair = 80
Sneak = 40

As a followed of Joshuah Graham in Zion, Scarlett is a devout and a strict Christian. She has a mad dedication to the bible and will quite it upon many occasions, claiming to know the entire thing back to front. Her loyalty to God is only rivaled by her Loyalty to the Burned Man, whom she acts as somewhat of a right hand for. Scarlet can be short tempered and easily annoyed but is much like a dog, blindly following the orders of whoever holds her leash. The woman is a little taller then average with a lean and compact build due to her hand-to-hand abilities, she has very dark red hair cut to above her shoulders with a swept fringe covering one eye, which are the colour of hazel.


Natalia – 22 – 5’5” – 165 pounds – Undecided

S = 3
P = 8
E = 3
C = 9
I = 8
A = 7
L = 7

Tag skills:

Guns = 80
Medicine = 70
Speech = 90
Survival = 60

Natalia (or Tali) is an intelligent, good natured, affectionate young woman who is determined to help out anyone who needs it, no matter who they are or which faction they belong to. However, she internalises any anger or stress she experiences until it gets too much for her, resulting in her blowing up (usually at inappropriate moments). She also tends to be a dreamer, and often daydreams about what her life would be like if the Great War had never happened, usually while singing along to pre-war songs on the radio. She is physically quite weak, but she makes up for it with her gun skills and high perception, making her an excellent sniper. While she is capable of fighting, she prefers to take a diplomatic approach if she can. She has long, chocolate brown hair, pale skin and blue eyes. Like Mary, she loves makeup. However, she prefers soft brown smokey eyes and rosy lipstick. She also likes to wear perfume, especially anything warm and sweet. Her favourite companion is ED-E.

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